Wednesday, December 16, 2015

'Tis the Season!

Christmas is a magical time of year! With the music, decorations and presents, you just can't help but love this holiday. And with its arrival comes the end of the semester, which everyone has been counting down to this since midterms. The merriment, activities, and even the break are not the only things that make Christmas such a wonderful holiday though. It is also a reminder that our God sent his son to earth to sacrifice himself for all of us. This sacrifice is at the heart of everything we do here at Point and Christmas is another opportunity for the students, faculty and staff to show God's love to each other and the community. This year Point jumped right into the Christmas spirit! We celebrated with choir concerts, outreach projects, and of course with each other even as final exams loomed around the corner. 

Our Fine Arts department presented A Point University Christmas. 

The concert showcased amazing performers including our: concert choir, Marching Skyhawks, and MusiKids. The performances ranged from traditional classics to not-so-traditional songs and jingles from around the world.  
Hosted every year, the Fine Arts department's concert allows not only the Point community but our surrounding community to come together. It is great to see all of those people in one room to enjoy and celebrate the Christmas season. 

Our girls only bible study, The Well, spent time giving back to those in need.

"The Well used to be the The Point Women's bible study. Kaylee Bebee and I are in charge of it and decided that we wanted to revamp it a little bit. We wanted to provide the girls of Point a place to come where we could pour into them, because we know how draining school can be. We also wanted it to be a place where they are provided the opportunity to give back to the community around us, reaching further than just the Point Community," said co-leader Ashton Bettis when asked what sparked the idea for this Christmas project. 

She went onto explain that the group spent a night packing bags and writing encouraging notes for the Emmaus Women's Shelter in Lagrange, GA. The notes and bags were given to the women and children that are staying there. In the end, they were able to deliver over 30 bags of supplies to Emmaus! 

Student Life took the opportunity to raise awareness of a growing problem. 

On December 4th, a group of students and our Residence Life Coordinator, Kasey Bodine, participated in a community wide event called “Homeless-for-a-night”. They slept in cardboard boxes, ate out of trash cans,  and spent the evening fasting and praying for and serving the homeless people within our community at the Lanett High School football field. This event was sponsored by the Fuller Center and many local churches and businesses participated. Each participant was asked to raise $150.00. 100% of this money went directly to the families who need shelter and food for the coming winter. 

Kati Williams, one of the students who participated  says, "I think homelessness is a big issue that’s commonly overlooked, and I decided to participate in Homeless For a Night because I wanted to make a difference in the lives of those who think they’ve been forgotten in our community. The experience was so humbling, and completely changed my perspective of the real struggles of homelessness. It breaks my heart to think that we got to go to our warm homes after sleeping in 36 degree weather, but there are people so close to us that live the homeless reality night after night, in more extreme conditions."

The Campus Activities Board hosted Christmas with CAB!

The students at Point also took time to celebrate the holiday together. The Campus Activities Board hosted an event each night of finals to provide a study break and some holiday fun for the students. This was the organization's 3rd year hosting the event and they hope to continue making it a tradition.

The events this year included: Late Night Breakfast, Coffee and Live Music, and Cookies with Santa!

As you can see, Point has been busy this season. Now it's time for everyone to enjoy their time off with family and friends until we start again in January.

Have a Blessed and Merry Christmas!