Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Senior Worship Concert… in the making

Senior year has finally come, which means graduation is right around the corner. Being a senior and a worship music major means that preparation for my worship concert is in full swing. All worship music majors have to complete a worship concert during their senior year in order to graduate. In preparation for it, all the students who will have a worship concert this year meet together with the director of music to discuss all of the details that the concert withholds. We have weekly assignments to keep us on track and not let us get behind on the planning. During my worship internship at my church over the summer, I had the opportunity to plan a night of worship, which gave me insight to how my worship concert planning should go.

 As I began to meet with my classmates and director to discuss details of planning the concert I realized that there are so many little factors I have to think about that go into planning a worship concert. When I planned the worship night at my church, it was similar to the planning of the worship concert, but there are a few more details that the worship concert has. A few of them consist of a theme, lighting, and ushers. I hadn’t given much thought to these factors before, but I realized that even the smallest details are detrimental for an event like this.  

Since starting the school year and planning my worship concert, the excitement continues to grow for that night that I have the chance to lead my family, friends, and peers into worshiping our God. My hope and prayer is that after every detail is planned, set, and ready for that night, all of those things will be out of sight and mind, and it will only be about leading the people into the presence of God. I desire for every heart that enters the building to feel God’s presence, and that they will have their hearts open to Him, and their lives will be changed. When everything is coming to a close for that night, it won’t be about the grade I receive, what did or did not go right, or what I could have done better. My hope is that whatever happens, and whatever I plan, all of it will be done for His name’s sake.

-Misty Perry

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Getting Ready to Teach

As I am starting my new teaching block for the teacher education program, nerves and butterflies are starting to happen all at once. Not to mention all the work and time that is about to be put in, that in the end will be all worth it. Getting into the teaching program is not easy. You have to be the one that is always on top of your work and also organized. Assignments are always being added every day; it’s something that can be overwhelming at first, but you get the hang of it.

One thing that I had to do to be able to enter in the program is take the GACE entrance exam. That was the main obstacle I had to overcome. The next thing was that I had to have a certain grade point average, like I said I had to be on top of my assignments and test. In the end it has been such a rewarding experience to be able to get in the program.
Another thing that I have enjoyed about the teaching program is all my involvement I get in the community and classroom. One of my first classes I had to come up with a family fun day at the library. It was really neat getting to see all the different ages and see how they work with each other. Also, I got to be in the classroom twice already. The first time I got to just observe how pre-k children learn, and that in itself was an interesting and amusing experience. The second thing that I got to do was mentor a little girl. This was defiantly a memorable experience for me. I got to get to know her personally over a 10 week span, and also help her in anything that she needed to improve on. Over the 10 week span, I could tell that I made a difference in her life. She was always excited to see me, and was always ready to learn. I tried my best to make it as fun as I could.

As I go into this coming year of my program I am getting more nervous as I get closer to my time to actually teach. I am being prepared by such an awesome group of professors who push me to strive to the best of my abilities. I am ready to make a difference in a child’s life as well as invest in them all the knowledge I can. This year is going to be a big step for me. As I go into this year I pray that I can be a light to these children and do what God has called me to do.    

Down below are a few pictures from the family day I helped put together. Our topic was Helen Keller. As you can see in the pictures, the children blindfolded are trying to feel what objects they had. We also did smell and taste!

-Haley Whitley