Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Summer Plans

                At last, summer is here! After pushing through two tough semesters, a nice summer break is something that every student can use. This is a time, brief as it may be, to pursue things other than solely school work. We finally have the opportunity to fill our hours with the things we choose instead of following a strict schedule.
                Summer looks different for everyone. Some people return to their hometowns, others stick around and find an apartment and job. I think I would have to say that this is the bittersweet part about summer break. You’ve been sharing your life for the past 10 months with your roommates and friends, and in the blink of an eye, you’re separated. You have to rely on phone calls or texts or even Skype dates to keep you connected with the people you’ve grown so close to.
                Well now that the sad mushy stuff is out of the way, let’s get to summer plans. For me and my family, a trip to the beach is what we look forward to around this time every year. Some students, however, might spend their summer on a mission trip in Africa or maybe even exploring Europe. Hey, in my opinion, if you can get there, go!  You can never see too many new places or try too many new things. God made a huge beautiful for world for us to explore, so let’s do just that!
                I am looking forward to the vacation plans I have, but there is something else I’m looking forward to even more this summer. I have added a whole new role in my life by taking over the youth ministry at my home church. We have already taken our first summer outing to the World of Coke in Atlanta, Ga., and let me just say it was incredible. I mean besides getting lost, getting separated from the others in our party, and fighting the mid-Friday-afternoon traffic in Atlanta, I had a blast. I learned some valuable lessons that day. The most important being to always have your GPS set for home before you start driving!
                So with all that being said, my wish is that everyone would use this summer break to relax and enjoy life. Take advantage of having less stress, less work, and less responsibilities. Don’t get lazy though. Just because there isn’t any school work to be done, doesn’t mean that we can’t accomplish things. Let’s work this summer to make an impact wherever our feet have been planted. Then, let’s come back in the fall ready to start all over again!

Carson Abrams

Friday, May 2, 2014

The End of another School Year

The last few weeks of the school year never fail to stir up many emotions for college students. To start off with, finals are looming over your head. They are just about the only thing standing between you and summer vacation. As long as you can stick with it and give it your best, you will be home free to go swimming at the lake and sleep until 2:00 in the afternoon every day. It may take a few all-nighters or way too many cups of coffee to make it through, but somehow we manage to survive exam week each semester.

Besides finals, there is also the feeling deep down in your gut that things are about to change. Most of my friends here at Point have had different plans for every summer they’ve been at school. This is the same for me. Working a new job each summer has been exciting, unpredictable and irreplaceable.

This summer will be no different.

I have the incredible opportunity to represent the school I love in front of high school students across the state of Tennessee while working with the Christ in Youth conference. I cannot wait to begin this adventure, but I know that this summer will mean big changes. Friends, roommates and professors will all be stretched over many cities, states and even time zones for the three months of vacation. We will come back in August with weeks-worth of stories to catch up on. I am thankful that I have people in my life that will be missed over these next three months. This is proof that I have been invested in and cared for here at Point University.
As a junior, I have been all-ears to the graduating seniors recently. I am learning from their example as they finish up the school year and apply for jobs, because this step of life is right around the corner for me. It is sad to see friends that I have had for years go; however, it is wonderful to see God fulfilling his plans within them as they enter into what we college students like to call “the real world.” It is a scary transition for everyone, but having the right people around you can make the process much easier.

These people, your friends, will be the cheerleaders for you as you conquer each and every new task, like buying a car or having your first major interview. For my last year here at Point, I plan to keep investing in my own cheerleading squad, so that I can have the same support system that I am blessed to be a part of for this year’s graduating seniors.
Last night, at the Point Living Community, a group of girls gathered to listen to one of our cherished faculty members as she talked about how to view the future. As college students, the future is always at the fore-front of our thoughts. Where will I live when I graduate? Where will I work? How do I eat food that isn’t out of the cafeteria or a paper bag? Some questions are more serious than others, but nonetheless, they will always be there. No matter what stage of life, we must trust in the fact that we are right where God wants us. Change can be overwhelming; change can be scary, but God has his hand in every bit of it. I will rest in this knowledge throughout the summer and during my senior year. 

-Layna Winn

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Midterms Are Finally Over!

       Midterm week is finally coming to an end! I am so glad that I can have that weight lifted off my shoulders. Like other schools, midterms can be stressful, but one thing I like about Point University is that the professors do their best to help you succeed. I really enjoy that they give you study guides and have study sessions in and out of class.
       As an early childhood education major I didn’t have many midterms, but I did have enough to give me some stress (like any other test). I lucked out and only had to take three this week due to the snow days pushing some of those tests back. I feel for the other students though that had to take one every day this week! I do not think I could have handled it like they did.
       Another thing that I really am looking forward to this week is Spring Break! After a long week of studying and praying that I would do well on my tests, I am so ready to have a week off. I hope everyone powered through his or her midterms! Have a safe and fun Spring Break!

-Haley Whitley

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Enjoying Signature Voices!

This past semester I received the opportunity to audition for a vocal group called Signature Voices. Ever since my freshman year of college, I have always wanted to be a part of their ministry but I was never bold enough to audition. In my junior year, I had become friends with some of the students in the group and they encouraged me to try out when positions had opened up. When I went in for the audition I was a nervous wreck, but soon after I felt more confident. I realized the audition was not as difficult as I had originally thought. A few days later, after the audition, I received an email telling me that I was accepted; I was beyond thrilled. Just two days later, rehearsal kicked off. All eight of us were hard at work, learning and memorizing music for our first performance that was only a few days away. After our first couple of performances, the next thing on our list was to lead worship at our community wide chapel for all of the students of Point and the surrounding community. Having the opportunity to lead worship for all of them gave me an indescribable feeling. Leading people into the presence of God through music is one of my biggest passions. We continued to lead worship at our school’s community Chapel every month, as well as performing at churches around the community.
Being a part of Signature Voices has been a huge blessing in my life. The opportunity it has given, to meet so many different people and to welcome the presence of God in so many different places, means so much to me. We have the blessing of getting to travel to different states to perform, showing our love for music and God. Another opportunity Signature Voices has given me has been a new family. All eight of us are like siblings; we love, fight, and laugh like any family would do. The bond that we have made with each other is unbreakable. The group has also helped me in many ways musically. We sing mostly a cappella music, which has helped me to learn more harmonies and how to blend better in a group setting. Also, being in this group has helped me in developing more of my ear, which helps me hear pitches and harmonies better than before. This group has taught me many things and has given me amazing opportunities, and a family of vocalists that I never had before. I thank God every day for the blessings of this group and all that God has given through it.


-Misty Perry