Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The FINAL Week!

Hello all! This is the final week of the semester, everyone is busy studying for finals and packing up to go home for the semester. This is an exciting week for me because my brother has returned home from his exchange student program in England. I am beginning to pack and get ready to leave for Mexico on January 2nd! I will miss ACC next semester, but getting to spend a semester in Puebla, Mexico will be amazing. Though this week is busy with finals, we are still having plenty of fun! On Sunday night we had a Christmas party with elves, Santa pictures, cookie decorating and caroling. On Monday night, we had a men's dorm party. Tuesday night, we had a relaxation cafe in the coffee house. Every night is filled with trips to the dwarf house and water balloon fights; we are planning a bon fire for Thursday night, our last night on campus. I hope that all of you have a great Christmas break! I will try to keep in touch while I am in Mexico!!

This picture is of the Sunday nights team at the Christmas party!

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