Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The Good Reaction

As an English major, I write--a lot. Consequently, as the picture illustrates, I revise and then I am not afraid to react! I took this photograph last summer while "reading my old fiction" that I found in an old file box containing a book I was working on back in middle school. Though it was middle school, not a lot has changed in terms of reading old work and "reacting to it." Year after year, this has always been an issue in my writing until

last semester.

Thankfully, I decided to give something I wrote a chance at a little life. Dr. Dycus, who is the head of the English department and a professor here at ACC mentioned a Literary Symposium that was coming up in January 2010 at another university. They were looking for literary submissions from college students nationwide. I thought it was a good idea, and at the very last minute, I decided to give some of my poetry a shot. Yesterday I checked my email and found that my work had been accepted and I will be reading at the symposium! I am beyond excited. I guess reading and reacting to my work doesn't always have to be negative. Criticism + Positivity can bring great results!

I will definitely blog after the conference next weekend and let you all know how it goes. Hopefully I'll bring back some good "reactions!"

- Morgan

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