Sunday, February 21, 2010


One thing ACC has taught me is that sometimes you have to be uncomfortable in order for God to really use you, and to grow spiritually. That is not to say that I am uncomfortable here, but more so to say that my being a student at a Christian college has certainly exposed the areas in my life that need to grow. Looking back from my first semester, I am surprised at how much I have grown in maturity and in my relationship with God. Thanks, ACC, if for nothing else, than allowing me to see my relationship with the Lord in a better, brighter light!

I know I said I was gonna try to slow down and not be as busy, but I chose a bad time to do it. My roommate Caleb is having his Senior Worship Concert next week. I'm pretty involved with it, from the music, to the skit, to the reception afterwards. Okay, so I think I'll choose March to slow down my schedule...haha!

I did end up getting to sing in Vocal Studio Wednesday. I sang "Kiss the Girl" from the Little Mermaid. It may be a kid movie, but that Sebastian dude can sing, so I chose that song because it felt like a good, easy song to learn, but also a fun introduction to singing on stage! Lo and behold, my voice teacher asked me to go ahead and sing yet another song this coming Wednesday...guess I didn't do too shabby, huh?


(I'm not sure why this blog is called neverland btw, the is very rarely rhyme to my reason. :P )


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