Tuesday, April 27, 2010

what life looks like, a list

*haven't got much time.
*only enough for bullet points and lower case letters.
*"this surprises me, too, trust me," says the grammar nazi.
*am i allowed to say the word nazi on this thing? oh well.
*i feel like e.e cumming. weird. he's a weird guy.

my life, a list
*finals. yikes. thanks, that's all.
*last night i took my philosophy final.
*garden! yay! organic gardening today at 2:30 with ryan eaton, who is crazyorganic, not the regular kind of organic. playing in the dirt=awesome. more awesome than whatever you're doing at 2:30 today. i promise you that.
*tonight i take my guitar final.
*tomorrow nothing happens.
*thursday i die.
*friday i am miraculously raised from the dead in order to go to my last preaching class and to play the smiling bear for all those folks who come to see the choir concert. i really do like choir, i promise. i will also remove a good deal of unnecessary stuff from my room.
*saturday, prom with best friend kamie.
*sunday, prom day two. yes, we have two full days of promming activities. we're just cool like that.
*monday, final.
*tuesday, final.
*wednesday, work. thursday, work.
*friday. hooray for my cousin nathan's graduation! hooray for my almost-cousin brianna's graduation! hooray for traveling to jbc! (they're getting married :) i am happy.)
*saturday. somehow, quiet miraculously, i am meant to be completely moved out, with all my stuff taken home, with my room cleaned and vacuumed (still the best word ever) and swept and empty. empty. when? i don't know. don't ask me, but it'll happen, as the administration will charge me $5 an hour after i'm meant to be out. yikes.
*sunday, DONE! so there. :)