Saturday, October 30, 2010

Happy Weekend!

I had chicken for lunch, got some work done, hit up some schoolwork AND I'm about to go to a concert. This has been a wonderfully productive and well planned day! :)

Had to answer some questions about my job, that didn't take much time and I had a forum to post on for a ministry class which is actually pretty fun. Now I'm getting ready to hop out the door to go to the Andrew Peterson concert tonight.

Isn't that song adorable? The cool part is that the show is presented by ACC, so as legit as this guy is (meaning people like Randy Travis and Toby Mac like him and he's toured with Sara Groves, Bebo Norman, Caedmon's Call and some other folk...ah!), ACC has the hook-up. Basically, this means that ACC is legit. :)

So I'm off to the concert soon! And yes, I will tell you how it was. :)


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