Monday, November 29, 2010

Oh Holidays...

I always love Thanksgiving! What a wonderful holiday; an entire day dedicated to giving thanks. Family gatherings have always been...well, adventurous. I will never forget this years get together.

To slightly relate this blog to ACC and it's majors, I will tell you all a funny story about this years Thanksgiving. My boyfriend went with me to meet my family. He began telling my aunt what he was studying at ACC. He said "Biblical Studies and Preaching." She said "Oh wow, so you like telling people about God? That's pretty cool." He then replied, "Yeah, I love speaking in front of big crowds." Then, out of the aunt said "Would you like to pray for the food?"

(Now let me help you understand this image a little more. There are around 30 people, whom I only speak to once a year. Since we arrived, there have been many awkward, mostly silent conversations. My grandfather ALWAYS prays for our meals. This was also the first time my boyfriend had met my family! So my aunt just completely made everything even more awkward)

My boyfriend then agreed to pray for the meal. As he was praying, I couldn't help but be so confused the entire time. "Why did they put him on the spot? Is it because he is a Biblical Studies Preaching major?" HHAHAHA I am so confused...

-Thanksgiving is a time to give thanks: I am thankful to have a wonderful family and I also appreciate my hilarious and understanding boyfriend.
(Anyone else have funny holiday stories?)

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