Tuesday, March 15, 2011

What's in a name?

So the thing I have been hearing most often about the move of our school is that people don't like the name change. Being a senior it was weird at first, I'll be the last graduating class of ACC, and ACC had been my home for four years. I decided to embrace all the changes, including the name yet still people say to me that not having the name "Christan" in the name of our school will keep the school from being a Christian influence on the world. I strongly disagree, and I'll give you a reason why.
Over Spring Break I helped my younger sister find the apartment we are going to be living in when I graduate in May. Earlier in the week I called several complexes and there was one woman who was very polite and helpful and answered all of my questions. I asked her name (Terry) and wrote down on my notes how nice she was. When my sister and I went to look at several places last Saturday, Terry ended up being one of the people who showed us around and let us view different floor plans. While standing in the apartment that will become mine and my sister's on May 7th, she asked what I do and I told her I was still in college but wanted to become a writer.
Her face lit up as she began to go on and on about her favorite author and speaker, Joyce Myer. Up until this point Terry had no idea I was a Christian, but she saw this one opportunity to share her faith with, through something not many people would find faith related at all.
So, if we desire to be Christians in a non-Christian world with out that word attached to us, all we have to do is be like Terry and jump on that opportunity the second it presents it's self.

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