Monday, April 25, 2011

The beginning of the end

My thoughts as school comes to a close...

  • We should make a truck pool in the student parking lot (tarp/water/truck bed)

  • There are two more weeks of classes, then a week of finals=4 or 5 classes left (praise God)

  • I am working on campus over the summer...When should I start packing up my dorm room in order to move to the apartments? (all students who live on campus during the summer are put in the apartments)

  • I need to get a cross cultural experience form to fill out this summer. My mission trip to Africa will count toward that. (Every student is required to go on a cross cultural experience before they graduate)

  • I should warn my mother that I will be needing some help with cooking skills again this summer. (I am the worst be on my own is a dangerous idea)

  • I need to buy text books (or bumb some off someone else who has already taken the class)

  • I need to make sure that I haven't used up all of my absences in my classes ( I am sure that I haven't)

  • I should take home any winter outfits. TIP:When living in a dorm, you have to make sure to "live light." This means that you can't keep everything you would like to keep. First of all, you have roommates who need space too. You will be changing rooms every year either way. Pack light to help yourself out.

These are all of my thoughts/tips for this time of the year. School is alomst out!!!!! I am ready for a new and exciting one :)

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