Sunday, April 10, 2011

busy week

So this week was one of my busiest. I had two tests, four games in two days, and work. Well, the games went well - we won 3 out of 4 (beating Berry twice and Young Harris once). Work is work I just give tours so it ain't too bad. As you can tell I mentioned my tests last - I'm proud to say I passed one without studying, but the other one wasn't too hot.

Tomorrow the baseball team and some other students are going to West Point to see our new campus-to-be in two years. It should be exciting. I know we (the baseball team) will make it fun. I am going to record some of it so who knows what might be on facebook (so check it out). That's all for this week. Kinda boring I know. Next time will be more exciting! I will be blogging on...Idk yet.

I'm out. G

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