Monday, January 2, 2012

We interrupt your regularly scheduled blog entry...

I'm slightly delayed in posting my cliche "what I did on Christmas break" post for a couple of reasons (and since I like really like lists, I'll list them):

  • My laptop keyboard got destroyed. And while not physically beaten to smitherines, it would work to a degree - but not without a string of text having random characters thrown in. Thanks to my father, I was able to install a new one - and it works as good as new.
  • Stuff's been busy at the shop. We had quite a few animals go home through our "Santa service" (parents buy said animal and everything to go with it, and we hold it for free until Christmas eve). I have also been in the middle of resetting (note: fancy retail term for "rearranging") dog food and toys. 
  • Family has been chaotic. With mom running around cooking, dad working open to close, me working whenever I wasn't trying to catch up on sleep, and my grandma coming over.
Now, here we are, on the 8th day of Christmas and I'm finally writing all the typical stuff....but it's not typical. 

Probably, the best part of break by far was the time I spent working - as weird as that sounds. It is good quality time with my dad, and it lets me get my need for spending time with people satisfied. The best part of the best part was no-questions asked, seeing the look on the parents/kids faces when they got their new pet. The look of "Oh my gosh, this is really real?!" on the kids, and the smile on their parents' faces of "we're happy you're happy". 

In no real order, here are some more highlights (again, in list form):
  • I got to give all my housemates awesome Christmas gifts (well, this was technically before break, but it was Christmas-ey, so it counts). They all *said* they loved them, so either a) they really did, or b) They're really good actors.
  • I got what I wanted for Christmas, even though I was content without either thing. 
  • The Redmon Christmas Tree (again, technically pre-Xmas) was a success in broke-college-students-trying-to-be-cool engineering. See what's to the right here...
  • Awesome food. Both home cooked and in resteraunts.
  • Catching up with my friends from home, since one goes to Clemson, one is in Auburn, one is at SUNY-ESF (State University of New York - Environmental Science and Forestry), another at Grove City College, and finally another who's still in high school.
  • Beautiful weather. I mean, seriously. Can you imagine 70ish degrees in December? Sunny? Yeah. Thats what it was here. I am happy without snow.
I still have yet to go take pictures (like I keep meaning to) out this break. I need to. But I might not have the time between packing, packing, cleaning, and loading my car to make the trek to Point.

So, there we have it. A very stream of conciousness, no real plan of attack blog post about Christmas. I feel as though I should have some metaphysical, intellectual conclusion about the deepness of everything....but nah. 

Merry 8th day of Christmas, and Happy New Year!
(Yes, we are still in the season of Christmas, and will be until the Feast of don't tear down the decorations just yet!)


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