Tuesday, March 25, 2008

A Busy Time for ACCers

Hey everybody, my name is Chris Nasser! I am a sophomore seeking a Business major here at ACC. I am a Campus Life Minister in charge of dorm life here on campus, I play for the men's soccer team and I am the vice-president of the Student Government. As you can tell by everything that keeps me busy, it is really easy to get involved on our campus. We just got back from Spring Break a week ago, so now there is less than half of a semester to go before the summer. Before this semester is over we wil be having our Spring Ministry day, our Spring Formal, a Global Missions Conference on our campus in addition to everything else that already is going on here. I am actually really excited about all of these things because I like to stay busy and active.
I am really excited about the new sand volleyball court that should be completed soon and for the grant that we are working on to update our weight rooms. So can all of y'all please pray for all of these activities and for the Seniors who this is their last semester at ACC? Thanks and God bless to all of y'all!
-Chris N.-

P.S. I will try to get this picture thing figured out so I can add some for y'all next time!haha

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