Saturday, March 1, 2008

An Exciting Week

This past week was really busy and fun. Last weekend 16 ACC people went to Hilton Head to GCYC to hangout with some fun high school students. We had a Nintendo Wii set up at our booth and we just had a blast all weekend. The weather was great for the beach. Then we got back to school that Sunday afternoon and that night we had a worship service around the campfire that night. Ha, it is so funny having a campfire in the middle of Atlanta but it was fun. A few friends and I all got poison oak from the wood we used for the fire, no fun at all. Wednesday in chapel was really cool too though. President Collins and Professor Mofatt did a whole interview session about sex. We actually talked about sex in chapel. They presented the issue in a very comfortable and interesting way. I think a lot of people go something out of it. On Friday was the biggie for me though, I preached my 2nd sermon ever in class on in the morning. I think it went really well except I turned a 20 minute sermon into 12 minutes because I spoke so fast. I was really nervous. That afternoon we celebrated the leap day (2/29/08) with a very preppy party (full with tea, crumpets, classical music, lawn darts, and bocce ball). Everyone dressed up very preppy like. Even Professor Huxford and some of the business office staff came down to have some fun. We have a lot of pictures on facebook from it. To finish it of, my friend Ben and I woke up and drove to REI early this morning to go to a big sale they had. We are really into caving and camping so we try to find whatever deals we can. Throw in getting in some tree climbing and just normal dorm life and we had one busy but fun week. Saturday is now my day to rest.

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