Thursday, March 6, 2008

One more day!

I suppose that it would be a good idea to give myself a little introduction. My name is Bethany and I transfered to ACC last semester, which makes me a junior in the Human Relations program. It has been a wild ride coming and adjusting to ACC, especially because I'm from PA. One thing that I cannot get used to is what I refer to as Georgia's "bipolar" weather. One day it is warm and the next day you need a winter coat and scarf! Despite that, I have and continue to love being here. The southern way of life is a beautiful thing...
In more exciting news, there is ONLY one more day until spring break! The campus is buzzing with excitement and it is practically all that my fellow students have been talking about this week. The general consensus about what to do over spring break seems to involve a mixture of sleep, a home cooked meal, free laundry, and possibly a tan. I'm certainly excited about all of those things, especially since I haven't been home since Christmas break! I'm planning on spending the majority of my break in South Carolina where my parents live (they moved from PA after I left for school). I anticipate the week to be filled with sunny days and hopefully some time on Lake Greenwood.

Rest, what a beautiful Biblical concept!

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Paul Crutcher said...

Excellent blog. I look forward to reading more posts!