Sunday, October 12, 2008

Finding FUN Between Classes

Hey Ya'll! I'm Joseph, a Junior and a business major here at ACC, and I'm finally getting around to writing on this blog! Life has been busy for me this year to say the least. I had it easy last semester and made some pretty good grades, so I decided to take 18 hours of hard classes. Yea... not that great of an idea now that I look back on it! I don't want to talk about all of that boring stuff though because dispite all of the homework and studying, life is AMAZING here at ACC! That's a picture of my dorm room this year, and yes, it is the coolest dorm room ever! (Notice the 2nd story Loft that we built with the couch on top, the icicle lights, the three other couches and the lazy boy, and what you can't see is the 65 inch TV that my roomate Ben is watching!) ...Can you tell that we're proud of it?! Also, everyone seems to be bonding really well this year. There are some really great freshmen that are already getting involved in many ways. Many of the on campus events (like open mic nights, screen on the green, Tuesday night special, intramural beach volleyball.....) have been a lot of fun! Even our college's fall minestry day was a huge success. I could go on, but I hope that you can see just a little of what life is like for me right now. Overall, Im doin just fine! .....if only I could find a way to avoid that whole class thing!

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