Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Summer Daze......

Hey All,

Summer is in full swing and it's almost over! :( I am not ready for it to be over, I feel it gets shorter and shorter each year! Although I am enjoying summer a lot and I don't want it to be over, I am eager for school to start back. I will be so busy this fall and I am so excited! I will be entering the teaching block, I am the captain of the Women's soccer team, Vice President of the sorority on campus, Sigma Alpha Omega, and I am a junior representative on SGA! WOW and on top of all that I have 18 semester hours! I am going to need a lot of sleep!!! (l0l) This upcoming semester is going to be awesome, especially in the sorority. We just had our national convention in North Carolina and we had the best time. We got a lot of great ideas for this year and I feel it's going to be an amazing year. God really is working in and through the sorority! I hope we have a lot of interest for recruitment this year, we could use a lot more girls! Our Women's Soccer Team's season is looking up as well! We have gotten some really good recruites and I believe we are going to have a positive year. We are working on our attitudes and work ethic for the fall and I believe every single girl has their whole heart invested in our team this year! I cannot wait for preseason and all of our games to come. Well I got to run, I have an interview soon at the Georgia Baptist Childrens Home, I want to volunteer there the rest of the summer and throughout the school year! Summer is almost over, so enjoy it while it lasts! :)

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