Friday, September 25, 2009


Hey all-

Sorry for not writing in awhile.....

I must first start off by saying..I'm terribly excited about Wednesday Sept. 30th! We are watching 'The Brave Little Toaster' for movie night! I love that movie and it's going to be awesome up on the projector! :D I cannot wait!

School is so crazy right now! LESSON PLANS LESSON PLANS LESSON PLANS, that's what my life consists of right now! I enjoy teaching and being around children as much as I can but this whole lesson plan writing thing is kicking my butt, so to speak! Wow... crazy fun! ;) Soccer is going well! We have picked up a few players and we are up to 15 from 7 at the beginning of the season! I must say we are doing much better and I thank God everyday for allowing us to do some much recruiting once school started because being without soccer for a whole year would most definitely be really hard on me! Soccer is my way of "de-stressing"! All my worries go away on a soccer field and I am totally relaxed after a game. Well on the other hand.. I'm not relaxed is the best word, more so dead tired would be a better term! lol But I do love it and I hope and pray we get an awesome recruiting class for the '10 season! (so if anyone is interested, please feel free to contact me, lol)

The sorority is doing good! We have a lot of girls in our new recruitment class this year! These girls are so on fire for our sorority and for God. They are definitely going to make our sorority an even better place to be once they cross over! I love all these girls so much and they are just starting out! I can't even explain to you guys how excited and blessed I feel to have these girls in my life, not just the recruits but all my sisters as well. I am an only child and I didn't grow up with sisters I could confide in or argue with! I love each and every one of these girls dearly and I wouldn't trade not one of them for anything!

Also my birthday is tomorrow and it's going to be great minus the homework and the awesome lesson plan writing I have to do! ;)

Well have a super day, night, weekend, week or whatever!! :D

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