Friday, September 25, 2009

Friday At Last!

Wow, it's been a really long week. I had three tests and a paper due this week, and of course I waited until the last minute for everything. We had our first D-group (discipleship group) this Monday. Each student is assigned to a D- group led by a teacher or faculty member. Freshmen are in Peer groups that are lead by a Campus Life Minister (CLM), which is kind of like an RA. My D-group leader, Mrs. Taylor, always bakes something for us. This week she made her apple squares which are my favorite.
But the week is over and it's Friday! One of my roommates from last semester is coming to stay with us for the weekend. I'm excited to see her. She wants to go to the Dwarf House tonight, so I'm looking forward to a chicken biscuit. There is a volleyball game tonight at 6pm, so I'll most likely be going to that. The boys have a soccer game at Lagrange today. There is a Fan Van taking any students who want to go to the game. I'd love to go, but I am seriously tired and feel like taking a nap. I'm really excited about tomorrow because I'm going to the GA game. I've never been to a college football game and I can't wait. So I guess I need to go and find some red and black to wear tomorrow!

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