Monday, September 14, 2009

Business As Usual

So last week was short but busy. I had my first test of the semester and my first paper due the same day. My test was in my Life of Christ class. Luckily the professor, Dr. Blackburn, had a study session the day before the test which really helped prepare me. The paper I had to write was for my Biblical Interpretation class. Part of the paper required us to read 1 Corinthians from three different Bible translations. I used the NIV, NLT, and ESV. It was actually pretty interesting because I've never really read anything except the NIV.
Besides school work there were a lot of other things going on around campus. The boys had a soccer game against Toccoa Falls, which they won. Toccoa is one of our rivals so it was an intense game, and a lot of fun to watch. That same night there was orientation for the Access program, so the campus was really crowded. Thursday night there was a campus prayer walk. Students gathered together and walked around campus to different stations where they worshiped and prayed together. I didn't get to go because I was studying for my test the next day, but some of my friends who went said it was great. Last week I also wrote my first article for the Charger. The Charger is our campus newspaper. It's small, but it highlights some of the things going on around campus. I interviewed one of our professors, Dr. D.J Dycus. He recently received his doctorate so I asked him a lot of questions about that process.
I guess this week will feel a little longer since I only had two days of class last week. At least I don't have any tests or big projects due. The boys have another soccer game today so I'll probably go watch, but other than that I'll just stay busy with school work as usual.

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