Friday, October 23, 2009

This, My Friends, Is Spirit Week.

Listening to: In Christ Alone - Natalie Grant

Yeah, I said it! Homecoming's this weekend (er, yesterday to tomorrow) so this whole week is all about

Monday - pajama day, Tuesday - tacky, Wednesday - western, Thursday - superhero, Friday - charger spirit day.

Today, Friday, was the only day that I dressed up. I know, I know, I'm lame. :( But I had to work Monday and a bit of other things happened the other days such as no class Thursday... however! I decked out today.

To the right is a picture of Chris (soccer player here) and I in our blue and yellow - ACC colors. A lot of students wore ACC apparel and I almost did! I just don't have the shirt yet, lol. (I'm standing really weird in that picture...)

In other news; my sister and I are leading worship at a youth retreat this weekend. I'm really excited because the church is really dear to my heart and their youth group is amazing. I won't be at the homecoming events so that's sad, but I know it's going to be amazing here at Atlanta Christian and fortunately we have our school's newsletter, "The Charger" and I can read about it complete with pictures and such. And there's always Facebook to see pictures, too... :)

Ok friends, I must jet. Much love to those who read this. Especially my friend Elizabeth's parents! They were here yesterday and told me they read the ACC blog um - how cool is that? Very.

Video to watch:
[[My friend Ben is in this video with his sisters. He has played with some amazing people, one person he toured as a band member with was Taylor Swift... just to hint around to his awesomeness. This video is amazing and the world should watch! The end.]]

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