Tuesday, November 3, 2009

scary scary.

Listening to: Jingle Bells by Ayiesha Woods

I have class in 9 minutes, but I'm already late in talking about scariness (as Halloween was so last month) so I gotta get a move on.

Growing up, Halloween to me was being a cowgirl dressed in pink and having an event at church ("Hallelujah Night" like whoa!) for the church/community kids. I still see it as the same thing. However a new aspect of something very scary was added this year.

It was about 6:15 when I was asleep in my bed (like I am every morning in 6 o'clock hour...) when I heard, in a very spooky and slow voice, "softly and tenderly Jesus is calling. Calling for you and for me..." The voice was of Johnny Cash and if you know anything about me you know that I think he is an incredible person and while he had a life of some things I am not by any means a big fan of, I love his testimony, voice, lyrics, music...

but NOT as my alarm clock.

I woke up sweating and completely terrified and while this may not seem scary at all to some did I mention I am terrified of Disney Channel's Halloweentown commercials?

Must go to class, friends.
peace, love & jamie-grace

link to check out: once again from one of my friends. Her name's Ayiesha Woods and there's a free download of her song "Jingle Bells" on the Gospel Music Channel website. http://www.gospelmusicchannel.com/news/insider/download-week-woods-jingle

PS... despite the way I speak very highly of Mr. Cash, I do not he is no longer on earth... people often remind me when I go on my Johnny Cash rants. I.E. Sarah H, Mandy M, Melissa T... haha...

I have one minute to get to the 400 hall from the game room. Yeah, I can do it.

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