Monday, November 30, 2009

see ya, break.

I was honestly dreading coming back to school this week. Unlike most schools we had the amazing advantage of an entire week off for Thanksgiving. This was amazing as I turned 18 Wednesday (WHOA! ha.) and was able to spend time with my family AND go to Nashville for 2 1/2 days. Yet with the break being so long I was a little sad to get back in the swing of school...

not anymore!

Coming back and getting right back to class wasn't as bad as I thought. Even though I'm a sophomore and totally experienced this last year...haha; seeing my friends was incredible though. Something about not seeing the people you see five or six times a day for an entire week...

In other news, it's currently 12:30 and I totally started this post at two hours ago... that was sort of irrelevant.

Gotta go now - off to lunch!

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