Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Back in Action!

Saber-Toothed Tiger!

If you haven't caught on, then you must be pretty young, or had no TV in the early to mid '90s, because Power Rangers was probably the best action TV show you could watch as a kid. And that, friends, is what my Christmas break consisted of. Lots of family, fun, good times and ZORDON.

Aye yi yi!(Says Alpha, Zordon's faithful robotic assistant likes to say) It's time for another semester! I did as well as expected last semester, and I plan to improve even from there this semester. I'm also now considering instead of just majoring in Music w/ emphasis on Guitar Pedagogy and Performance, that I'll add a second Major, Music and Worship Leadership! I think this will help me the most with post-graduate work, as well as going to further my education.

Hi-yaaah! That's what I plan to do, this semester, kick it into high gear! When I started at ACC, my GPA wasn't so great, but with the help of my professors, friends, and a little dedication on my part, I've brought it way up, and will be heading towards that 4.0 in no time! Since it's the first day of classes, I need to get organized early, so I'm gonna start on that now. Later!

Oh, and what Power-Rangers riddled blog would be complete without...


- Lawrence

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