Sunday, December 27, 2009

I had a Snuggie Before Christmas.

December 25th is behind us and 2010 is closer than ever... obviously.

I just ate the biggest meal of my life, my dad has been rocking out on his bass, my sister is rambling about some incredible high heels she wants and my mom is talking about vintage dresses. I'm not really sure why I felt the need to share those random facts, but it's a bit of a sneak into my everyday life.

Christmas is by far my favorite Holiday. Even so it's my utter favorite time of year, holiday or not. 100% because of the birth of my Savior! But also because of the music, the movies and the happiness everywhere. LIKE WHOA!!

No matter what highway you're on someone's gonna let you over, no matter what side of town most people will be uberly polite and no matter what social class every. single. person. currently. has. a. snuggie.

I was a fighter before the revolution began!

My beautiful pink Snuggie, "Pepto," and I have been best friends for a few months now and I have been a strong advocate for Snuggie awareness, approval and acceptance by wearing Pepto everywhere! Not in public... not yet... but by writing a song about him (coming soon to youtube), wearing him in music videos... so so much stuff and I feel it is all drowned out by wrapping paper around animal print blankets. Blankets with sleeves.

The picture above is of Me, Pepto and our friend Paige Armstrong in November. Way before Christmas.

In other news, classes resume at ACC in one week and 3ish days. I'm anxious to see my friends, take new classes (I'm getting into more and more mjor classes this semester!!) and have the ever so often "Hi Mr. Huxford!" and "Hey Mrs. Huxford hey!" shout outs during the week. Yet this week is going to be awesome!

Some friends are staying over now and one them, Tyra, turns 21 in a little over an hour - woo! Tomorrow night is the end of the year dinner for my church's college students, (last year it didn't work out so this my first year like whoa!) I'll be working on some music stuff this week and also catching up with a few friends that live in random parts of Georgia.

That's one of the best moments of this season by far. Getting to spend it with the friends that went to school out of state, go to school in way North or South Georgia... but it's also incredible to just spend with family.

My sister and I teamed up and bought our dad a bass for Christmas. He's played drums practically his whole life and had a bass guitar which he taught himself to play in 2007, but a series of unfortunate events left him instrument-less. We decided to wrap the strap up and give it to him. He opens it, looking as if thinking, "a weird belt... um..." and then he looks up and notices the shiny 4-string Dean right in front of him. Just moments before the same look of awe and gratitude was on our mom's face as she opened the box of bright red cowboy boots. Crazy for a mom to ask for that I know but she's wanted to them for years!

Not trying to make it seem as thought it is all about the presents - it isn't. It's the joy that comes with it. The satisfaction in giving someone something you know means a lot to them. God gave us the ultimate gift, His kid, and we can never duplicate that. I'm not saying a pair of boots or a guitar can compare, but this is a season of giving, and spending this season with family -giving to family- is incredibly important to me.

We spent the last few days at our "home home" with our mom and dad, jamming on our instruments and talking fashion. (Seriously my mom and sister could chat it up for ages.) Followed by dinner at our aunts house which also included discovering we still belong at the kid's table. Sunday came around and the last day staying at home for break arrived. After service was a big dinner and eventually our friends climbed in my sister's car and we headed to hang at ours.

Pretty bittersweet. The long long drive from home. An entire 45 miuntes. *sigh* Good thing I'll see my parents again tomorrow at the church's dinner for college students. Hence... we're preacher's kids.

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