Friday, January 22, 2010

Oh, Holy Night

It seems as though "Holy Night" would be something said only during Christmas time but, oh... oh Holy Night.

Last night on Twitter, roughly 9pm, I saw the status of my friend Ayiesha. She's a Christian recording artist and was doing a live chat. I absolutely love her love chats, she's hilarious, her brother's hilarious, and they always sing and do random stuff - something worth watching!

Ayiesha was recording a new song and closer to midnight they started doing Q+A and just chatting. I was doing some homework so I wasn't really paying that much attention but I saw someone who was posting about free beats. Donald (Ayiesha's brother) started playing the guys beats and talking with him, it's was pretty cool they were, for the first time, doing free promotion on a live chat.

To make a long story short, it was aobut 1am and the chat was still going on. This time mostly talking to the young guy who initially posted about his beats. At this point Donald and Ayiesha were telling him about God and salvation and calling God had on his life - the guy has crazy talent!! Let's call him C. :)

Closer to 2:00 am most people had gone to bed except for Ayiesha, Donald, C, myself and about 10 of Ayiesha's friends. Reasonable, the "small" number 10, as live chats usually last up to two hours - at the most. But wherever two or three are gathered...

Ayiesha started playing worship songs, literally praying on a live chat, we were all saying encouraging things to C and praying and worshipping in our homes. Some of us in Georgia, some in Illinois, Texas... God was moving!

I believe the chat ended at 4am. We were all tired but honestly I didn't realize it.

The last was hour was filled with praise - C accepted God into His life.

Ayiesha was playing praise songs and just slap happy!! Haha. I couldn't even stay in my seat. Literally. I have never seen something like that. Someone accepting Christ in a video chat - it just adds to the fact that it's not Facebook and MySpace and other internet sites getting bad rep, but the way they are being used.

Every Twitter update or live chat doesn't have to be praise & worship songs, but as Christians we should be ready for that because we never know who is watching, who is listening or who should be. And the way we can be ready is by always posting clean stuff, never saying things that don't line up with our morals; just always being ready.

So, at 1pm I finally woke up. Ha. Still happy about God's amazing way of working but pretty frustrated about my throat. It. hurts.

I guess I would be OK with it if I didn't have a really big audition tomorrow? Yet I'm just praying I'll get better atleast for the next 24 hours. I'm chugging Throat Coat tea, about to take some Claritin and am gonna try not to talk.

Well, hello impossible.

- Jamie-Grace

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Elizabeth said...

Jamie-Grace, that's amazing. Such a blessing, thanks for sharing that. :)