Monday, March 1, 2010

Ah, Monday.

With everything going on last week, I totally forgot to keep you guys updated! Had to sing again in Vocal Studio, Caleb's Dress Rehearsal, Caleb's actual Concert, the choir singing on Sunday, and on top of all that, I've finally decided it's time to start recording some of this music I've been writing. This week is just as busy, too, with the choir singing again on Wednesday and Thursday, Midterm Voice Recitals, and other stuff, too. Fortunately, next week is Spring Break. I'm taking the whole week OFF and catching up with some friends I havent seen. And while I'm chillin' at home, we had a group of awesome dedicated students who are going to Mexico to assist with the Casas Por Cristo ministry. Basically they are going to help build houses for homeless people. What a sacrifice, giving up spring break to help the needy! Please pray for them, as they need a little more financial help to get there.

Well, that's all I got for now! PEACE!


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