Sunday, April 18, 2010

In Which Elizabeth is Chagrined (Look it Up, Okay? Gosh.)

Who fails at blogging every day in April? I fail at blogging every day in April.

I feel like blogs where the writer promises to write more often and then complains about why writing more often is completely and categorically impossible because she has a crazy hard test in Life of Christ in the morning, and the end of school has multiple loose ends to be tied before she can pack and head home (oh, goodness, I need to think about packing), and how she's been really thinking about some different topics to write about but they just haven't materialized are totally bogus, don't you? (See what I did there? That was funny, wasn't it?)

I'm going to finish (because I really do have miles to go before I sleep) with a quote from the infamous Joseph Piette.

"I like my friends... and everyone." Okay? Okay.

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