Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Kierkegaard Pwns Your Spelling Bee

Once again, dear readers, I am sitting in the library with my mind full of lofty philosophical ideals. This time they're mostly relating to Kierkegaard. Yes, that is spelled right, although I know it doesn't look it. He's from Denmark. That's the way they do things there: with double "a's" in the middle of words. We have some double "a" words too, you know. Aardvark. So there.

Soren Kierkegaard (who is the topic of choice for my 7-10 page philosophy paper, due Monday night at 6:00) was mainly concerned with rebuffing the modern church's interpretation of Christianity. He said they had fallen away from their New Testament ideals, and I can dig him trying to get them to come back, because I fall away from my New Testament ideals sometimes, and I need to come back, too. But I never have to come back to some things because I never left them. Like what? Spelling.

That's right, readers. I, Elizabeth Reid, happen to be a top notch speller... Or, at least, my team captain, Rebecca Esquite, seems to think so. I'm signed up to spell for Upper Head in the Dorm Wars spelling bee. I feel...... nervous. I think Esquite assumed I can spell because I read a lot (and because I'm a nerd. Duh.) but I don't know how I'm going to do. I did really well at geography bees in elementary school. Does that count? Maybe I shouldn't admit this, but we're behind by a lot (i.e Upper Head is losing Dorm Wars). EDIT: And that was a lie. We're second in girl's dorms and I don't know what overall. But second is good.

I compete today at lunch. I will post again and report the results. Do you think they'll ask me to spell Kierkegaard? What about existentialism? Because I've got those down.


This is our team motto: "Orange tigers, orange tigers. Rawr!!"

EDIT: 12:49 PM finds me the winner of the Dorm Wars spelling bee. Perhaps the above was just false modesty? Or perhaps my winning was luck. Oh, hey, I've got it. My false modesty insists it was luck. My winning word? Influenza. Which, in the typing thereof, I totally just misspelled. That's irony.

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