Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Dear this past weekend... I love you!

Today (well... the today that ended just before midnight hit 24.5 minutes ago) was Labor Day, incase you didn't know. And while it doesn't mean "a day off of school," that is one of the perks. :)

Friday morning my older sister Morgan and I randomly decided to drive up to Nashville, TN where I used to go to school (then got in my right mind and came back to ACC...yes... I said back) and where I work. I have a lot of lovely friends there and it was great to catch up with them.

We couch (two twin beds) crashed, ate more food than we could handle (vacation, duh) and had an awesome weekend just the two of us.

See, Morgan (right) and I (left...) were raised like twins. She's 2 years (21 months...) older (gosh I love parenthesis) and 3 inches shorter but her hair that was once down her back is now pretty much the exact same length of mine (she cut it like a year ago... I think she wanted to be like me... *major wink*). Also, as we're getting older our speaking voices are sounding the same and we both play guitar. I guess that's why people we know often get us mixed up and random strangers ask us if we're twins - all the time - and in a way, we kind of act like twins.

Like I said, we were raised really close and now someone is all happily in love and about to get married so this weekend with just the two of us was quite essential I think. :)

The four hours there and back were spent with my awesome song choices that took us back to middle school (i.e. Teddy Geiger and Stacie Orrico), wonderful conversation, and her critiquing (I feel like I spelled that wrong) and coaching my driving. The time in between the 8 hours of transportation were with our friends and a few hours of me jumping to the recording studio but mostly just catching up on life with the people I wish I could see on a daily basis.

Now I'm back at ACC, and of course I love it. I'm a CLM and was so happy to see all of the girls today. (Happy Birthday Jerilyn!!!)

Tomorrow I'll see my sister, probably having lunch with her fiance and I'll awkwardly join the conversation for a good 3-5 minutes like I always do. It's that level of being a little sister but still knowing that she's the oldest and I've gotta give her that space to grow up.

...Seriously why am I being so emotional about this? They're not having kids any time soon so that by default gives me a room at their house... right?


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