Monday, September 6, 2010

I WANT A myself

Setting: Right now, Labor Day weekend, I am sitting in my dorm room. I have the window up, but also have the awesome air conditioning on. There is a family outside on the picnic tables having a relaxing get together outside of the building in which I live. The weather is PERFECT! (I will most likely go lay in my hammock over by the library in about 15 minutes) I am in the best mood right now. Roommates are all gone, so it's just me.
All my life, I wished for large to-do lists...someone to hang out with...some place to go. I had to be doing something! I used to get super bored in less than five minutes of not doing anything. Back then, there was nothing more important than going shopping, or going to the movies with your friends. Since I have been in college, there has not been a single moment that made me wish for a to-do list! I am always super busy, all day, everyday! Don't get me wrong, it is nice to have things to do; visit 2 drive through restaurants for one meal (HA), go play Ultimate Frisbee at Centennial park, go to the drive in movie theater with ACC friends.

In all this moment... sitting in my quiet dorm room, listening to Kristine Mueller on YouTube is the best to-do list I ever made. I love the fact that I get to choose. I love college!

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