Friday, September 24, 2010

If I could describe my week with one word, it would be titled STRESSFUL! Have you ever had a Monday that was filled with sayings such as "I can't wait till Friday?" Are you kidding me? It is Monday for crying out loud. My entire week has felt like that! This semester has been absolutely crazy for me! Research papers, book reviews, and reading assignments are TAKING OVER MY LIFE!

Thank God for on campus housing. I would be so much more stressed without my girls. Example: The other night, I was in the weirdest mood thanks to the overwhelming amount of studying that I had done prior. I walk back to my dorm room to find my good friend Kara. She could tell that I was about to lose my mind, so she broke out her Ukulele (cute tiny guitar). We sat outside and sang Johnny Cash songs for a good 2 hours.

Lesson learned-Stop stressing! I am in college for crying out loud! I am having the time of my life!!!! I have learned so much, made amazing friends and grown so much more spiritually. God has everything under control. My friends often times remind me of that.


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