Saturday, September 25, 2010

My First ACC Experience

Atlanta Christian College is the one of the greatest colleges you could attend.
Before I even began taking classes there, I was captured by the warm and welcoming faculty and staff at ACC. They knew nothing about me but treated me as if I were family. I remember filling out my admissions forms and some of the students like Aaron J. and Shelley S. walked right up and conversed with me.It was then I knew that this was the school for me. People don't treat you like strangers here. The supportive and loving atmosphere at ACC is like heaven on earth. Although all have not grasped that concept, it's only opportunity for us Christians to display the kind of love the world needs. Coming from a secular school, I can see the big difference that a faith based education has on the environment. Even the professors are great and always have so much to share. I feel my faith and wisdom growing more an more each time I enter and leave the classroom. I now have a greater level of expectancy about God's plans for my future. Not only do I feel this when I'm at ACC but even abroad, as I'm faced with daily objectives. Go Chargers!Go!!!!!

*Aaron L.*

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