Monday, September 13, 2010

Keep this one on the "Down Low"

I LOVE Dr. Carey!!!! Ha

In addition to that...I am terrified of her Romans class! Well, not really, but kind of. I took Humanities 101 taught by Dr. Carey last year (awesome class, highly recommend it). The class was great and by the end, I felt very confident to take another class that was taught by her.

So, this years fall semester rolls around, and I decide to sign up for this class titled "Romans." (meaning the book of Romans in the Bible) Even though I am not a Biblical Studies major, I still thought it would be a great class to have under my belt.

...little did I know ;)

This class is an upper level course: meaning, there are grown men and women (with a much larger vocabulary than me) who are probably going to seminary once they graduate (hints the bible course)! I am only a sophomore Counseling Major...where does that leave me in the leaves me TERRIFIED & INTIMIDATED! Yikes.

I will have you know, Dr. Carey is one of my favorite teachers. I love the fact that I can talk with her at the end of class and hear her say, "you are going to be fine Shelley." Up until last week, I didn't think I was. I was so nervous and had no confidence! I really love this about ACC. My teacher does know my name and does know ...well, she knows ME!

Lesson learned: Go out on a limb and challenge yourself. Go with confidence! You learn more that way.


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