Saturday, September 18, 2010

Weekends at ACC

Weekends at ACC are typically...quiet. Most of the students that go to this school are in-state and usually go home for the weekend. I'm an out-of-state student. I live 17 hours away from Georgia so going home every weekend is clearly not an option for me. That being said, simply because there are few people on campus does not mean that it HAS to be boring. Last night was Friday night and I went to our school's Volleyball game, then went over to a friends house to have a Babysitting/Disney movie marathon party, left to go see "I Am Legend" at the new ACCinema (which I helped to paint, in case you were curious), participated in a spur of the moment Tie-dying party (my first time tie-dying a shirt - it was rather exciting!) and then went to Dwarf House with a bunch of friends.

Today, I've taken to enjoying the lovely fall weather and catching up on some school reading after cleaning my room. Saturday's are usually the less-eventful days, but I typically don't mind it much because I enjoy having that time to relax. Tomorrow I'll go to church, do some homework and head to Sunday Nights, which is our only Student-Led chapel credit service. It's very low-key and chill and that's one of the reasons I love being a part of the team.

All in all, the weekend really isn't so bad as people make it out to be. The old saying, "life is what you make it" seems to be most applicable here. The weekend is what you make it. Free-time is what you make it.

College is what you make it.


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