Friday, October 22, 2010

I thought college was the last step! It's not? Dang!

So today for the special event chapel, about 7 different seminary/graduate school representatives shared with us information regarding their specific school. I have never been the type to...uh....stay in school longer than I have to :) BUT, I have so far chatted with TWO representatives from Richmont Graduate University who have both been SUPER nice and welcoming. Why am I getting attracted to GRADUATE SCHOOL!!!!! That was never in the plan. Is God trying to tell me something? :/

I just recently decided that I am going to pursue a degree in counseling. Richmont is specifically for counseling students. The irony is killing me!

What should I do...?

Nothing right now, I still have two years to see what God is going to throw at me :) I like that. HA


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