Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Mix up!

So.... Today I met with my advisor (also known as my favorite teacher). Our goal was to sign me up for classes next semester, which we did. Good news, I have no class on Fridays!!!!! YAY COLLEGE. I am finally getting into classes that are specifically for my major (counseling), which is very exciting! I love the fact that I can make my own schedule :) I am choosing not to have early classes for next semester! haha I love this...

There is bad news coming, don't worry...

As we were looking at the classes that I have already taken/am taking now, we noticed something strange. One of the classes that I have been going to since August DOES NOT go toward my major (I thought it did). Sad thing is- I JUST NOW NOTICED! AHHH I was so mad.

More good news: This class (that seemed pointless) has helped me a LOT in one of my other classes. I really think God knew what He was doing the whole time ;) College classes seem to come in handy in real life.

I AM HAPPY at the end of the day!
-Shelley (the one who makes plenty of mistakes and laughs uncontrollably at them)

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