Friday, November 19, 2010

I Broke A Promise.

I said I was going to tell you (yes, you) how the Andrew Peterson concert was and I never did. So, here I am... making that up to you...It was awesome!

Lasted about 3 hours (not kidding, he just kept going) and it was well worth it. Honestly, I didn't know that many of his songs in the beginning but I ended up enjoying it. One of my particularly favorite parts was when his band (guitarist and pianist - they both sang, PS) took the stage for two songs each. Just before the show I sat down with Andrew & the band (he works with some of the people I work with) and he shared some of his wisdom with me as I'm an upcoming artist and he has had great success.

One of the things he shared with me was when I find that band that I want to travel with me, they should be like my family and they should be some of my closest friends. I really appreciated him for saying that and respected him for it even more when his bandmates played their original songs.He didn't use them as openers or anything like that, they actually played during the concert - it was legit. (I really need to expand my vocabulary...) They were hilarious, and their songs were very moving, as well as Andrew's songs. Everything in the whole night was the perfect mixture of genre and style and I'm so so glad I went!

So, when (yes, when. not if. *smile*) you come to ACC and when we're having other legit (...........see?) concerts, we can go together! And when can see how awesome they are.... yep.

Love, Peace & Jamie-Grace

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