Thursday, December 2, 2010

Make it or Break it!

Finals week is approaching!

You can always tell when finals week is here simply from the stress that is filled in the air. There is a certain vibe I get as I walk around campus or eat in the cafeteria. People just seem different.

There is that feeling of confusion, stress, anxiety, etc. In college, finals can either make you or break you. At the end of each semester, ACC has a midnight breakfast. This is a chance for students to eat late at night (or early morning) while they do some final studying. The faculty, staff, and some students help prepare the meals and help serve food to the zombie like students. Some students attend this meal not to study, but because of the delirious atmosphere. They get a kick out of it! People are tired, stressed and want nothing more than to be done with the semester. The midnight breakfast is also another event that makes ACC seem more of like a family.

I LOVE IT!...but I don't appreciate finals. That is all for now.

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