Monday, February 21, 2011

Airplane to ATL

I spent 5 hours sitting in the Indiana airport yesterday.

Airports are very intriguing places. While I observed all of the very interesting people hurrying past me with their luggage to get to where they needed to be (ya know, the obnoxious business men who don't get off their phone and the poor mom with 3 kids trying to get them all controlled and on a plane), I began to think about how ACC is the reason why I myself was about to get on a plane. Not just because I was heading back to ATL, but b/c I had been in Indy working with the missionary organization that was sending me back to England. I am working now with CMF b/c of Natalie Braden (ACC alum) who mentored me my freshman year here at ACC and who pushed me to see what God can do if ya just say "here I am." Looks like ACC is the reason why I am moving back over the pond, and I can't think of anything better.

Now, I am not one to be cheesy or anything, but I really am amazed at what has happened over these past five years (don't hate... being a fifth year senior is way better than it sounds). It is better than anything I could have planned for myself. And with that, the graduation countdown begins... after today, only 53 more school days till I say goodbye to good ole ACC. Unfortunatley that probabaly means I will be very nostalgic in my posts... but nostaligia is good for the soul.

So I leave you as Dr. Donovan does his class "be warm and filled." (Now I am not quite sure what that implies, but I just hope that one day when I am a crazy old lady I will be rememberd for the thought provokingly nostalgic things I say too ;))

Till then, xo-k

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