Monday, February 21, 2011

My First Blog

well, im not sure how this is supposed to go but im going to give it a try! Life here at ACC is pretty much normal. like for instance, this week im going to go to calss like i normally do but tomorrow im getting a test back in a class that i didnt really study for. im kinda nervous because i really need to make a good grade in this class because im trying to get hope. but thursdays are really the days i dread! i have class literally all day from 8 untill 4. I HATE THURSDAYS lol. but i get through it! this week is going to be crazy in choir because we have a concert this sunday and i havent really started to memorize my music. haha maybe i need to get on that. but something i do have to look forward to is GCYC this weekend with my youth group! so maybe this will make my week go faster because im looking forward to going. well look out for my next blog hopefully it will be a video blog!!

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