Friday, February 18, 2011

Good Morning, Blog. It's Friday.

I'm not one of those people who's all, "Oh, Mondays suck. I'm so glad it's Friday." I knew a girl in high school who regularly exclaimed, "TGIF!" as if the rest of us should know what that meant (I had to google it) (is Google capitalized when it's a verb? Or does it sill count as a proper noun?).

And but so it's Friday and I must admit I'm happy about it.

Reasons I am Happy, A List
1. I'm going home without cleaning my dorm room. Yes, I'm avoiding the mess for at least the weekend. I'll clean on Sunday. Promise.
2. I finished two reflection papers and a book review with a total of 2,500 words. And I don't have another essay due until next Thursday!
3. This is not a good reason to be happy. Do as I say, not as I do. Behavior of this kind may result in cramps and failure. In rare instances, some people experienced nausea and rapid heart beat. I skipped class last night to be with a friend. And it. Was. Awesome. We haven't caught up lately and she needed to talk so I weighed my decisions and left class half-way through. I don't regret it. But you should NEVER skip class. Going to class is important. I promise.
4. Hello, uncharacteristically February weather. Please, come and stay for a while. Until June, you say? That's totally fine. Make yourself at home.
5. Making decisions, good or bad, really, is an important part of growing up and one I'm learning more about. Daily. I'm learning more about them daily.

I couldn't possibly stay inside to write a longer blog. I've got to skip town; get the heck out of Dodge. It's been real, and I plan to post a blog of substance soon, but, really. Who wants substance when the possibility for joy awaits us right outside? I'm going home.


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