Thursday, February 3, 2011


So. Not to ignore the elephant in the room (Hi, elephant!) but I've got bigger news.

Bigger news than the campus moving to WEST POINT, GEORGIA?!?!

Yes. Much bigger.

This weekend, Savannah Christian Church is hosting the NextLevel Leadership Conference and ACC... I mean, Point University.... I mean.... The school I attend brought a group of students and, based entirely on a whim, I signed up to come.

Now, to level with you, I don't see myself as a leader, exactly. I did leadership things in high school, but I went to a small school and most people in my activities (marching band, one act, academics, etc.) eventually became leaders their senior year by default. And I also don't see myself being led into a leadership position in my ministry.

So I wasn't entirely sure what I was meant to get out of this conference but I came, and I tried to keep an open mind.

So far (there's still several more events planned for tomorrow) I've thoroughly enjoyed myself. I went to several workshops today, we had several main worship sessions, and Savannah Christian Church showed us what they do as far as drama and the arts in worship. It's been really instructive, and, even though some of it's gone WAY over my head, I've been able to discuss what's going on with some older students who've had more experience with church leadership than I have.

All in all (I'm back at campus now, and fairly well exhausted) I'm glad I went. I took pages and pages of notes and feel very enthusiastic about applying all I've learned.

I guess that wasn't bigger than the campus moving. Let's just focus on that, shall we? :D

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