Friday, February 4, 2011

Introducing the Student Transition Team

It’s official! Atlanta Christian College is becoming Point University (July 2011) and relocating and expanding its primary traditional campus to West Point, Ga. for fall semester 2012.

We all have lots of questions about this, so President Collins has formed a Student Transition Team, led by me (Rebecca E.) and Gerardo M., to serve as key points of contact for us in finding out more information about the whole transition.

The Student Transition Team will be posting updates on the expansion process online through Twitter—using project hashtags #onthemove and #PointUniv—on Facebook and through this blog.

Along with administration officials, the team will host regular town hall-style forums where we’ll have the opportunity to ask questions and get news on everything related to the relocation project. Student Transition Team members will be frequently briefed with first-hand knowledge of “On the Move” happenings and events…so ask away! That’s what we’re here for. If you would like to join the Student Transition Team, please email us at

Your Student Transition Team:

Tyler B., Storey B., Jessi B., Rebecca E.*, Austin E., Kaitlyn G., Jason J., Tyler L., Aaron L., Gerardo M.*, Bekah R. and Tory W.

*Team leader

Student Transition Team members joined President Collins for a tour of West Point last week to witness our future college home for the first time

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