Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Weekend Fun

Hey Guys!
So, this past weekend was really crazy. Saturday a bunch of us went to West Point and toured the campus and the new apartments (which are really nice by the way). We spent pretty much all day there. We saw the football field, the baseball field, the basketball courts, the future soccer fields, and the pool. We also went to the West Point Lake which is the 2nd largest man made lake in the country! I am really excited about the move and so are the people of West Point.
Sunday, I went to a Tobymac concert where our very own Jamie-Grace Harper was the opening act. The concert was awesome. Brandon Heath was there and House of Heroes were there as well. We had a really good time and now I am just trying to recover from all of the activities and the lack of sleep. The recovery process is taking a while but that is part of what college is about...staying out late, not sleeping, and then still having to go to class the next day.

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