Monday, March 14, 2011

Epic Fail

SGA (Student Government Association) plans weekly events for the students here at ACC/Point. I am the sophomore representative on SGA which is cool because I can give my opinion as to what is fun and what is lame! :) As a group, we decided to take a bunch of students to a bowling ally...FOR FREE! It was an epic plan that had everyone excited.

So, we arrive at the bowling ally and walked in as one huge group. I kid you not, the moment we walked in, a man gets on the intercom and announces "Just a reminder, the ally will be closing in 20 minutes due to a private party." All of us, in utter shock, began to look around the bowling ally with our jaws dropped, along with some laughter. I made eye contact with the SGA president Storey Brown and said "Are we the private party?" As her eyes looked back and forth a few times, she replied with a "nooo....? We even called them to make sure it would be available!" We were all so mad! I mean, hello!???? it was going to be free!

Now was time for "epic plan B."

After a quick vote, we decided to go to a movie...for free :) Turned out to be really exciting! As a college student, you realize the fun and happiness that comes out of events that are already paid for. :)

Great day! It wasn't completely an epic fail.

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