Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Spring Break!!!!

After a tough week of studying for mid terms and cramming for tests it is time to relax! But, being in college I believe that we never get to truly relax! My break has consisted of being buried in homework and protects. Along with being buried in homework I have come to miss my ACC or Point University family! I never realized how many amazing people go here!
That is what is so great about the school.The facilities may be beautiful, the dorms comfortable, the food tasty but the people here are just incredible. No matter what kind of day you are having or mood you are in they will be there for you no matter what. This does not only go for the students the professors are that way to. They truly care for your well being. I was sick earlier this semester and had to miss a week of classes. It made me feel like I mattered when some of my teachers emailed me back just to check on me. It shows that you are missed and that you matter in that class.
Along with having amazing professors the staff that makes ACC is great! Having the opportunity to work in the Admission Office I get to see first hand the behind the scenes of the school. I also get to interact with a lot people that made the school run. They work so hard to make there job look so very easy! But, i know they have times when they stress! Everyone from the grounds crew to the academic office people are very caring and nice. They truly care about the school and the students who attend.
That is what makes ACC such an amazing place. You can see that God is really at work with the people here. I am pretty sure that I have not encountered one mean person or one bad teacher. Its an amazing place to be! I thank God everyday that he has placed me here in such a loving environment.

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