Friday, March 4, 2011

Welcome to West Point

A few Saturdays ago, a whole bunch of ACC students, staff, and family went to West Point. It was my first time and I was super excited! It definitely did not disappoint.

We went to a town hall meeting and met adorable old people and got to give our input about changes we would like to see in West Point. The people there are always trying to better West Point. They are most excited about how Point University will better their town. West Point is adorable, the people are adorable! They can't wait until we get there.

The 507 Building, where all of our classes will be, is huge! It has a gorgeous courtyard and the building is going to be remodeled and glass walls will lead to the courtyard! The 507 Building is downtown. Downtown West Point is so cool. There are cute , little shops and Johnny's Pizza. There is also a really cool, contemporary church literally around the corner from the 507 Building.

The apartments blew me away! They are so nice. There are two bedrooms, a bath, a living room, a dining room, a kitchen, and EVEN a little balcony.
Right behind the apartments is the Sportsplex. It has an inside pool, a gym, racquet ball, and so much more!

I can't wait to be in West Point where we can expand the ACC/Point University community. God has blessed Point University with an incredible new location that will not only be fun, but be an amzing opportunity to share Christ with our new community.

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Michael said...

You are going to love it here! Our family moved here from Fayette County 5 years ago to work with Spring Road Christian Church...sweet people here who have watched the exodus of many after manufacturing left the community 20 years ago. The Valley area is like a fresh canvas, and Point University will have the opportunity to shape much of what we will become.