Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Campus Ministry Day

Campus Ministry day occurs once a semester! This is when the whole campus shuts down and the students, teachers and faculty go out and help the community. I had the opportunity to go to City of Refuge. This is a place in Atlanta that helps the community in many ways. They have a children's area in which they have after school care and tutors for the children in the community. They also have an area where people can donate slightly used items. These items are sent out to the community. I had the opportunity to work in the food portion and the area in which they sort the items people donate. The food part was incredible because of the stories the man told us. Who knew that a box on cheerios could allow someone to know Jesus. It's a crazy thing! We had to fill the boxes with enough food to feed a family of four!! So a friend of mine carried the box and I shopped! It was a lot fun and made me feel good about myself. Knowing that I am helping out a family of four have food for a week. But, knowing that I have the opportunity to help someone find Christ! That is such an amazing thing that people get saved by boxes of food. I think that campus ministry day is a great thing that the school does. It allows us to humble ourselves while helping others. Next semester I want to go back to City of Refugee and help the community I live in even more.

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