Monday, April 11, 2011

Spring Ministry Day/Formal

Every semester, the college shuts down to go out and serve. Last Thursday, beginning around 8:30 a.m., the students, faculty, and staff piled into 15 passenger vans and went to various places to help out the community. For example, some students went to a place named "City of Refuge" in Atlanta, others went to different places around the new West Point campus. Camp Woodland had students serve there as well. Basically, for half a day, we all go to these various locations and serve, whether it be cleaning windows, sorting through donated clothes, or constructing things. I always have a lot of fun at these events. While getting to know our fellow classmates even more, we are also serving God by helping out the community. I think it is amazing how willing and selfless we all are on days like these. It really is a neat thing to witness. Every Spring semester, SGA (Sudent Government Association) plans a dance. People get really dressed up and have a ball! This year, we had it at Stone Mountain on the river boat. It was AWESOME! We got to see some fireworks while enjoying the wonderful weather. Everyone had a blast, danced the night away, and had yummy desert! Both of these events are great for our students. Everyone needs a little break from studying sometimes. ;)

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